Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 2

Another 11-9 grind. Like the woman who meets Forrest Gump at the bus stop, my feet hurt. And I wore Pumas instead of my nice shoes. "I mean really, how often do you look at a man's shoes?" -Shawshank. Especially if he's flying a helicopter. Today I decided to wear a shirt so tight I practically needed lube to get the top button together. I actually had a mark on my neck when I took my shirt off at night. I may now be better at flying remote control helicopters than I am at Dr. Mario. And that's my jam.

  • Cloud Forces: 14 ($2 commission per) I sold out of them by 2:00. I won't get more until Tuesday.
  • Silver Bullets: 62 ($1 commission per)

Dumb Questions

  • # of people who asked if the helicopter had a video camera: 7
  • # of people who misheard me and thought I said 2 for $15 instead of 2 for $50: 8 wishful people
  • # of kids who asked if they could try it: 15
  • # of those kids who were satisfied when I let them hold it as it took off: 10
  • # of those kids who cried when they couldn't fly it: 1
  • # of adults who seemed genuinely sad when they couldn't fly it: 1
  • # of those adults with tattoos on both elbows: 1


  • # of kids with a Justin Bieber t-shirt: 2
  • # of kids with Justin Bieber haircut: 1
  • # of t-shirts dedicated to someone who died: 2
  • # of gifts I got: 0, but the staff at the mall does know me as "Austin" now, so that's a gift.
  • # of times I remember hearing “Winter Wonderland” on the Christmas mix: 2 - I figured out how to make the mix stop with no one noticing for a few hours and it made all the difference.
  • # of free asian chicken samples: 5


  • Tan shirt that nearly choked me
  • khaki pants (I may just wear these until I can't anymore. If I wear the nice black slacks, they're gonna look goofy with Pumas and I'm already uncomfortable in the gym shoes. I'm not gonna start bringing fancy uncomfortable shoes into this equation.
  • Silver tie
  • I shaved today. Bonus.

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  1. my son purchased a pair of copters in december. by january, one of the batteries had failed. we took it to the vendor, who took it in for repair. countless calls later, we finally went to the vendor who called his boss who said he would call us (again). it's been 2.5 MONTHS since they took the copter. i told him i would be back saturday to talk to all of his customers myself in an effort to thwart any more sales. what else can i do to resolve this matter?