Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 5

The morning started with a 10 a.m. conference call with the big bosses and all the 'copter salesmen in Texas and surrounding areas. I was sent 6 text messages about this call. My favorite was:

"Do like me and SET UR ALRAM FOR 9:54!! If you dont attend I will take it as u are not interested in working with us next year!"

Very important stuff. Just life or death info coming across here. So I call in at 9:45, put the phone on speaker and mute and screw around online. At 10, I'm still hearing waiting music and get a text asking me to come on the call I'm already waiting for. Sadly, I only hear the end of the conference call that ends by 10:08. I caught a few generic lines like to pitch the copters as 4 for $100 and some general bullshit (Salute for general bullshit), but this speech was no "Always be closing." Third place is you're fired.

I learned nothing from the call, shaved, hopped in the shower, brewed some coffee in the room and laced up the tie (that means i tightened it. I don't know how to tie a tie or own one. I just pull them tighter and loosen them at the end of the day. Thanks Monte! I'm still using the one from the Mad Men party.)Sales - Biggest day yet. What can I say, it's getting closer to Christmas. One set of grandparents bought 6 little ones and one big cloud force for grandpa. I made over $130 just on commission.

Cloud Force: 36 ($2 per)

Silver Bullet: 61 ($1 per)

Quote of the Day
- I gotta love the kid who said "50 cents?" hopefully when I told him they were two for $50 because he said it so earnestly and it was adorable, but the quote of the day goes to a kid who looked old enough to drive, but not old enough to drink, because it was so unexpected. A lot of people ask if there's a camera or if they can hang string on the end to mess with their cat, but as he was walking away, he said:

"You should tie a mistletoe to that thing." I know it's not that clever, but compared to his contemporaries, this was genius.

Dumb stuff
  • # of people who tried to get candy from the machine: 9. Way less than normal. One clown said "Durrrrr" after his friend tried to
  • # of people who told me I have the best job in the world: 6. They actually varied it up more today. I heard comments like "Niiiice job" and "Pretty cool job you have there." One guy was so happy with himself for his astute comment that he repeated it to make sure his wit was appreciated. "He must love his job." (Looks back to make sure his friend heard.) "He must love this job." Yeah, buddy.
  • # of kids who asked if they could fly it: 20 I've been letting the little kids hold it as I fly it out of their hands. I should probably stop, because one kid got jacked in the face by a wing when he got scared and tilted it weird. Thank god he's not a puss and he just shook it off. He was a pretty damn cool kid.


# of free Asian chicken samples: 3. And two Chick-Fil-A samples. I ended up getting Chick-Fil-A and it was the only meal I ate today. Simmons was right, it's the best fast food option there is.

  • # of kids with a Justin Bieber t-shirts: 2
Bieber is back! 2 back! Double Bieber! What does this mean?! By the way, this is the actual store front for FYE in the mall.

One more thing. I work 11-9 and was told I get 2 fifteen minute breaks and an hour for lunch. You know, standard. When I got back from my hour lunch, I got this text: "Hey ur manager called n said uve been gone for over an hr. Wats goin on?" Apparently I'm only allowed a half hour lunch. Thankfully tomorrow's my last day in Lafayette. I did agree to work a few days between Christmas and New Years in Austin, though so don't worry. More stories are coming.

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